Ital cuisine is the vegan food of the rastafarian culture of Jamaica. A very spicy blend of African, Caribbean, Indian and other flavors, makes Jamaican cuisine one of the most unique and incredible of all global culinary traditions!

Jamaican Ital Foods class

  • Jamaican Patties
    Small Plate
    an amazing pastry made with coconut oil filled with spicy vegetables, baked. Jamaica's version of a handpie. Who does not love a handpie?


    Small Plate
    Mustards, collards and other greend stewed with taro, okra and coconut milk, flavored with allspice, thyme and habanero


    Jerk Tempeh
    Small Plate
    Roasted Tempeh in a tangy, spicy jerk sauce!


    Turned cornmeal
    Small Plate
    Jamaica's version of polenta. Cornmeal is simmered with stock and coconut milk and spices


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