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Philip Gelb is a vegan chef based in Oakland, California. Primarily self taught, he is inspired by his love of a variety of ethnic cuisines, particularly Japanese, Thai, Sichuan, Spanish, Italian, Middle Eastern and his grandparents Eastern European Jewish traditions. He has been offering his services as a chef with his catering and personal chef business, Sound and Savor (previously known as In the Mood for Food) for over a decade. He has a relentless and uncompromising approach to fresh, local and seasonal cuisine, disregarding all industrially processed ingredients in favor of making everything from scratch or sourcing  directly from other small local food producers.

Chef Philip Gelb
Plating at dinner concert event
Cori Ander, Yodo Kurahashio, Chef

His menus are based on the 12 month a year, local harvest available in the San Francisco bay area. He holds regular cooking classes to share his love, passion and knowledge of global cuisines and various ingredients and techniques. The catering business also hosts, once or twice a month, a supper club or dinner/concert series, usually paired with world renowned musicians. In addition he is a professional musician and music teacher, one of the few professional shakuhachi players outside of Japan.

Cooking classes and Dinner events with Chef Philip Gelb

An evening of Sound and Savor with
Chef Philip Gelb. Video by Hannah Kaminsky

Cooking with vegan Chef Philip Gelb.
Video by India Leigh

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Phil's first cookbook, 180-pages with 100 vegan recipes: appetizers, sauces, breads, sorbets, entrees and desserts also documents the
10 year history of his dinner/concert series, improvising through food and music. Available online or at select bookstores. 

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